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During 2005, in the suburbs of Chicago, IL; Amina, a Pakistani-American girl, starts her first day of middle school and quickly finds out, it's not all what it's cracked up to be.

"Fuzzy Legs"; a short coming of age film written, directed and co-produced by Amber Eswani; takes us on a small journey of navigating identity, friendship, family, body image and self discovery with the simple, yet controversial topic of body hair.

the film
The facts
The mission


Diversify, Empower and Give Voice to Underrepresented Communities

The story of Fuzzy Legs so woman around the world have something to reflect on the beauty of body hair and what they choose to do with it is completely up to them.

The InPathways Cohort- Free Spirit Media program gave the opportunity to a diverse group of young media makers to gain a hands on experience in learning how a professional film set runs and make a story of their very own come to life.



How the Film got Made

Amber was interviewed and accepted into the Free Spirit Media: InPathways 12 week Program called the Cohort.  She was 1 of 13 members in the program.  There was an in-depth pitching process for the the films and "Fuzzy Legs" was chosen to be funded and created; thanks to the fabulous Joy Duson, the Associate Producer, for pitching it.  Free Spirit Media funded the film and is the Executive Producer.

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